Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I recycle. I recycle my paper, plastic, cans, batteries, CFL's, glass, and cardboard. I recycled my old computer parts, monitors and TV. I recycle at home only. I am so ashamed to admit this, but it seems so difficult to recycle anywhere other then at home. I cringe at work each time I toss another gallon plastic jug into the garbage. I feel so guilty tossing out paper and plastic when I am out and about. What am I going to do, bring it all home with me. I can't. I could try to make "Corporate Pet store of America" recycle. I could at least ask someone if we could implement a recycling program. I could keep some of the garbage in my car until I get home. But I don't. OK so those who know me, I do keep a lot of garbage in my car.

So to make up for my guilt ridden lifestyle outside of home I am going to start doing a few things at home to make up for it (kind of like buying carbon points on a corporate level).
  • Turn off water when brushing my teeth and washing my face. (it seems so simple, but its harder then you think).
  • Take shorter showers, I already only a shower every other day.
  • Set up recycling bins next to my car so I can empty out all my garbage I have decided to bring home and recycle at the end of the day.
  • Stop using disposable feminine-hygiene products. I found a wonderful product called the DivaCup.
  • I am looking into cloth diapers for my daughter (she is two, this may be a harder transition for me then her but if I have another child, its cloth for sure).
  • When I need something new look for used first.
  • Buy organic when possible.
  • Look for locally made/grown products.
  • Get regular tune-ups for the cars.
  • Stop using paper coffee-cups. Bring my own coffee tumbler!
  • Refill water bottles with my own filtered water.
  • Start looking into recycling for "Corporate Pet Store of America".

These are just a few things I intend to start incorporating into my life right away.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Am So Frustrated

Recently I have been reflecting on my life and that I seem to be moving into a greener direction. I started using CFL's, I recycle most everything in my home, try to buy organic (when I have enough money), I use canvas bags at the grocery store, I buy and use locally made earth-friendly cleaning products, turn the heat down, and look for new ways to save our planet every day with-in my meager budget. I don't understand why the American government can't get on board with slowing down global warming. Wind turbines, solar panels, bamboo as an alternative for just about anything (including coal), and vegetable oil for fuel; we could be off-grid in a mater of years if we didn't let major corporations dictate how we get our energy. If the government offered an incentive to farmers to build wind turbines on their farms (along with their crops) we could save money and produce less carbon. If I had a spare $9,000 I would solar up my house so fast.

Why can't America be just a little greener. Why does it take an international accord to push America into helping our planet (we skipped out on the Kyoto Accord - the second one we might just be guilted into attending). It seems so simple but major corporations refuse to change. Consumers want to change, consumers are changing. You see "green" everywhere, you see organic everywhere, you see recycled products everywhere. But energy companies, oil companies, car companies refuse to make it mainstream and financially available for the average consumer. It is such a simple process for America as the largest offender to start making a difference. If we don't start making a difference, who will. America has always led by example, except in the last 20 years or so we seem to have slipped into a downward spiral of denial and self-riotousness. I for once in my life am saddened to be an American. Our political system is fucked-up, our dollar is loosing its value, our infrastructure is failing, and our country, nay our president, refuses to admit that something, anything, needs to be corrected. Our countries worst enemy is our country. We cant forget who we are. We formed a country and a government 231 years ago, we have been a respected world power for most of that time and now we just look like a spoiled brat that refused to give up any toys and admit they were wrong. I am ashamed to be American.

My goal with this blog is to write about how I am going to change my world, our world; one CFL, one soda bottle, one soy product at a time.